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  • Distribution of kits and basic health services at the border camp in Torkham, Afghanistan
  • Scenes from the Torkham crossing -- thousands of Afghans who fled persecution in Pakistan now forced to return with whatever possessions they can carry
  • Afghan woman flees destruction after extreme weather events and earthquakes in Herat, Afghanistan
  • A crowd at the Pakistan/Afghanistan border waits for transport
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Women for Women International

Afghanistan Safe Delivery Kits

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You can help 10 Afghan refugees prepare for a safer birth when access to formal care is not an option. Each Safe Delivery Kit comes with essential supplies such as a plastic sheet, absorbent towels, sterile gloves, umbilical cord clamps, a razor blade, gauze, soap, and sterilizing tools so a woman can deliver alone or with a midwife. 
Right now, there is a crisis at the Afghanistan/Pakistan border. More than 400,000 Afghans have been forcibly evicted and are taking shelter in the Torkham refugee camp, 80% of them women and children. Under current law, women can only be treated by other women, yet medical teams deployed by Afghanistan’s Ministry of Public Health include just 10-15% women. 
Although we have equipped our partners, the Afghan Midwives Association, to set up a mobile midwifery clinic in the camp, the closest hospital is hours away. With so much need and so few clinicians, many pregnant women must face the reality of labor and delivery alone. Your gift of a Safe Delivery Kit can help prevent infection and save the life of a woman and newborn.