We believe that when you invest in women, anything is possible. Here at Women for Women International, we take pride in our unique ability to provide women with the tools and resources they need to start a new life. 

In this catalog, we share with you the specific components of our program that make it so unique – and successful.

We hope our work inspires you to help change the life of a woman by giving a symbolic gift that gives back. Honor someone special to you with a gift that will change the life of a woman survivor of war and conflict.

Why Give?

When you choose a gift from this catalog, your gift will provide a woman enrolled in our program the opportunity to rebuild her life so she can invest in herself and her family's future.

How Does it Work?

1. Choose your gifts. Browse our online catalog and choose symbolic gifts to honor your loved ones and help women rebuild their lives.

2. Choose your cards. Each gift comes with a beautiful ecard or downloadable card you personalize for your honoree.

3. Make an impact. Your gifts will benefit the women we serve in the eight countries where we work. 

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